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On top of that, you can opt in to the PodBuilder network, which will allow for cross promotion between shows for greater exposure.

In addition, we can provide logo design, editing services and access to pay-per-purchase sponsors.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Does it Work?

Once your account is set up, PodBuilder will create a form for you to upload your audio and give us all of your episode information. That's all you have to do.

What information do we need? The form will ask for an episode number, title (if any), post date and time, an episode description, search keywords and edit details if you have an editing plan.

From there, we'll create the post, put it in your RSS feed, schedule it to your specified date and time (allowing up to 12 hours from the time of submission, usually much less), post it to your Facebook and Twitter pages, and make sure that it gets posted to iTunes and Stitcher (once the show is approved by those services).

Your work is done once the upload is complete. Once you record and upload your show, we take over. That's how PodBuilder works for you.