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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Blogger?

Some might ask why we would use and build Blogger sites instead of using a more traditional site. It really comes down to one word; simplicity.

First and foremost, we want you to be able to contribute to your own site whenever you need to. Blogger allows you to do so online or via their Android phone app. You can even blog with a text message or email. You'll also have the opportunity to allow up to 99 people to contribute to your site.

There are several popular avenues for blogging. The two most popular seem to be Blogger and WordPress. While I do like WordPress, some of the capabilities require a monthly fee. Blogger is completely free. The great thing about that is that it not only keeps our costs down, but if you should ever leave us (which we hope is just a hypothetical), transitioning your site to you will be much easier.

Blogger is also very customizable. Elements can be dragged and dropped, added or deleted, and altered in a variety of ways. It even allows for HTML editing. This makes site updates fast and efficient.

Blogger also works well with iTunes, Stitcher and feed readers. Again, our whole purpose is to make this easy for independent podcasters.

I know this sounds like a commercial for Blogger, but it's not. Based on my experience of building 27 different Blogger sites, I know this is a great way to go. I wouldn't endorse something I don't trust myself.